Are you afraid of buying a new home and not being able to sell your old one? If so…

We guarantee to sell your home fast & for top dollars or … we will buy your Home! * So you do not get stuck owning TWO homes!

Often the biggest dilemma when considering to purchase another home is deciding whether to buy or sell first. We know this is a difficult decision to make. You may want to sell, but wonder what will happen if you sell quickly and can’t find a home you like. Or if you find your dream home but haven’t sold yours yet, either way is risky. You certainly don’t want to get stuck owning two homes or no home at all!

When you list your home with us, we will make sure this DOESN’T happen to you by proposing our special program ‘Your home sold or we’ll buy it!’!

For more information about this program and how it can make your move less stressful, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you shortly to explain how our program works:

Equipe Pierre & Beverly

Pierre F. Legault & Beverly Ann Rowe

*** The seller and the broker must come to an agreement on the sale price, commission, seller must buy a house higher value to his, listed by Equipe PB.

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